Pour Over Coffee Maker 500ml

Pour Over Coffee Maker 500ml

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  • 【Simple, Fast, Convenient】Excellent Pour over coffee maker for morning or afternoon coffee with little fuss compared with drip pots or French Press etc, perfect for the beginning home brewer and all coffee connoisseur or lovers


  • 【Scientific Design】Integrated build composed of a metal filter which is made of laser-cut reusable stainless steel fine mesh and a sturdy carafe made of borosilicate glass which can function as a perfect coffee server pots with a special water mouth design.


  • 【No sediments Great Taste】 Unlike much residues left in the coffee made by the French press, this pour over the way with its double layer of well-engineered mesh filter max avoid any possible sediments which will make the taste more bitter.


  • 【Cost effective】Permanent Reusable metal filters, no more constant purchase of paper filter. Easy to clean it up, you just need to rinse it down under the faucet and let it air dry. Well crafted with a comfortable handle and a bonus anti-slip mat which matches with the bottom size of the carafe.


  • 【Upon the Coffee Grind】 Grind which is finer than french press coarse but coarser than espresso fine will work perfectly with this pour over coffee maker. But how much water to pour and at what rate and temp will influence the flavor also. You can try out the most desired mode during the long time use.


Product Size:

Product Dimensions: Height 15.3CM
Filter Diameter: 12*6CM
Single Product Gross Weight: 0.4KG


Package Contents:
1x Pour Over Glass Carafe
1x Reusable Coffee Filter
1x Heat-resistant Silicone Mat