Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

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  • Unique design: Fogproof design makes the mirror be the best one for your shower shave.No fog! No need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog-free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower!Round corner design, stylish and elegant.


  • Shatterproof: This mirror is made of aviation carbon. Very solid and durable.Not as breakable as ordinary glass mirror.


  • Easy to place: Comes with a free adhesive hook and vacuum suction.Two installation options. The position is simple and convenient. Feel free to place wherever you want and to pick it up at any time. Also portable for travel.


  • Easy to clean: Clean it with a very soft cloth and a bit warm water. It will look like new after a long period of use. Easy for taking away and daily maintenance.


  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We use the industry's toughest back-coating. Absolutely sure you will never regret buying it.100% guaranteed!Perfect gift for anyone in your life!



Product Dimensions:13.2*17.2*0.03 
Shipping Weight:0.132kg 

Package Include: 
1x Mirror 
1x Bubble bags 
1x Adhesive plastic hook 
1x Vacuum suction 

This high quality suction cup, works best on flat smooth surfaces, like any tiles, marble, glass, etc. and not on painted walls, wallpapers, stucco, etc. Do NOT use any cleaning products on this mirror, no alcohol or any other cleaning agent, this will degrade the fogless effect. Use ONLY a very soft cloth and a bit warm water to clean.