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Bello LED Makeup Mirror


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Bello, An Alchemy of Beauty, Chic & Design

Brand-New Makeup Experience

Bello lighted vanity mirror is extremely elegant and functional for all
kinds of makeup styles and skincare routines.

  • True Colors Reflected

    Ensures your makeup is color-matching

  • Favorably Stepless Dimming

    Provides adjustable brightness among 0~1,500 Lux

  • Flicker-Free Lighting

    Soft lighting frees your worry from eye/skin damage

  • Tri-Color Lighting Modes

    Get your best looks in various occasions

  • Magnetic 10X Magnifier

    Enlarges facial features for flawless looks

  • High-End Craftsmanship

    Best design & material make an elegant mirror

  • White Light

    Provides bright lighting to
    help you see every detail clearly,
    perfect for office look and exquisite makeup.

    Warm Light

    Simulates light in a café & restaurant,
    suitable for date or night out makeup,
    as well as skincare at night.

    Natural Light

    Imitates daylight for the most accurate reflection,
    perfect for skincare &
    makeup for outdoor activities.

    Light up Your Beauty at Every Angle

    The cosmetic mirror, with durable 52 pcs LEDs, has a lifespan of 50,000 hours,
    brings a maximum brightness of 1,500 Lux and lights up your beauty perfectly.

  • 52 pcs
  • 1,500 Lux
  • 50,000 H
  • Customized Touch Sensors

    Smart and sensitive touch sensors, designed for smooth operation,
    provide the easiest brightness adjustment
    and react in no time without any block.

    Maximum Battery Capacity

    High-performance 2800 mAh rechargeable battery
    continuously works for up to 10 H,
    and frees you from changing the battery frequently,
    energy-saving and environment-friendly.

  • 2800 mAh
    Battery Capacity
  • 10 H
    Battery Duration
  • • Works for 7-10 H in low light and 4-5 H in strong light.

    • The battery duration is tested by Easehold experts.
    It will be slightly different due to various settings and environmental conditions.


  • Rechargeable 2800 mAh Battery
  • 3-Color Adjustable Lighting
  • 52 pcs Bright LEDs
  • 1,500 Lux
  • Streamline Design
  • Other

  • AAA Batteries
  • White Light Effect Only
  • 36 pcs LEDs
  • 600 Lux
  • Simple Design
  • Specs & Packaging

    Main Material: Zinc Alloy/ABS/Glass Charging Port: Micro USB
    LED Light: 3-Color Light Effects (White Light, Warm Light & Natural Light)
    Brightness: 1,500 Lux
    Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh
    Charging Time: 2-3 H
    Power Supply: DC 5 V/2 A
    Cruise Duration: 15 Days (30 Minutes/Day)
    Product Size: 160*220*340 mm
    Package List 1 x LED Mirror, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1 x Magnifying Mirror

    All-Around Certifications
    Ensure a Safe & Eco-Friendly Mirror

  • Conforms to health, safety and environmental protection standards

    Check the Report >>
  • Ensures our mirror conforms to photobiological safety

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  • Meets the standards of the EU’s restriction on use of hazardous substances

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  • Demonstrates competencies acquired throughout the professional career

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  • Guarantees our vanity mirror’ EMI or RFI is under limits

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