Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

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  • Humidifier& Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, helpful product for keeping the proper humidity as well as freshening up the air quality and bring some fragrance to your room. The classy appearance with Wood Grain Finish can also add much to your home décor.


  • Mini Size with 150ml Capacity suitable for household single room or office use also portable to take along for traveling. And the waterless auto-off function it features frees you from taking care of it all the time. When water runs out, the diffuser will turn off itself, reliable and safe use.


  • 3 Working Mode:Comes with 3 options of time settings 1H/ 3H/ ON(On refers to continuous working). It can max support up to 6H continuous working under ”On” Mode. Set your desired mode by pressing the mist button.


  • LED Mood Light: In the blossom top of the diffuser and the outer-ring of the bottom features with 7 Adjustable Soothing LED Lights, not overpowering ones, work great as night light. You can let it cycle through the color options or set it at your preferred one or just turn it off when not needed.


  • Super Quiet: With the Adopted Ultrasonic Technology, this diffuser is extremely quiet while working and won’t bring any disturbance to you. Easy to use, refill and clean inside the water tank with separable design. The power socket is on the side, easy to plug-in.



Capacity: 150ml 
Color: Yellow/Black 
Appearance: Wood Grain Finish 
Material: PP / ABS / PC 
Light Color Option: 7 Color with bright /dim option 
Time setting: Thee Mode 1H / 3H / ON 
Maximum working time: about 6H 
Power: 10 W 
Ultrasonic Tech: Super Quiet 
Dimensions (cm): 12.5x10.6 
Single Product Weight: 0.19kg 


Simple Operation: 

1. Lift up the lid; fill the water tank 
2. Add water in which could be mixed with few drops of essential oil 
3. Connect to power source and press "MIST" to choose desired mode 
4. Press LIGHT to change the color 

Do not add water over MAX line. Add essential oils 3 to 5 drops each time.