EASEHOLD Breakage Insurance

EASEHOLD provides insurance on its makeup mirrors. Customers can buy the insurance to get a FREE replacement (only once) if their mirrors are broken within the insurance period.

Please check the insurance details, including but not limited to the application, service areas, valid period, valid products, pricing, etc.

Insurance Coverage

EASEHOLD provides breakage insurance for its makeup mirrors. Customers need to provide the valid images or video proofs of the broken mirrors. EASEHOLD provides a free replacement for the same model or the model with the same pricing. We provide free shipping for the replacement.

Insurance-Supported Country & Areas

EASEHOLD Breakage Insurance currently is only available in US. More countries and areas will be supported soon.

Insurance Validity and Premium

Customers must purchase the breakage insurance within 30 days from the date when customers have placed the orders.

EASEHOLD Breakage Insurance can be superimposed but no more than 3 years. And the premium varies among different products.

EASEHOLD provides the breakage insurance for the below 3 makeup mirrors (more mirrors will be supported soon).

Products Premium
Venus Air

(Model No.: BMD002)

USD 4.99/year
Venus Pro

(Model No.: BMD017)

USD 9.99/year

(Model No.: BMD018)

USD 9.99/year

(Model No.: BMD019)

USD 5.99/year

(Model No.: BMD020)

USD 5.99/year

(Model No.: EH-BM01)

USD 4.99/year

For example, you can purchase 2-year insurance for Venus Air by paying USD 4.99 X 2 = USD 9.98. Or you can purchase 3-year insurance for Venus Pro by paying USD 9.99 X 3 = USD 29.97.

Please note that EASEHOLD only provides up to 3-year insurance period, and customers can get the free replacement for once during the insurance period.

Please check the below flow chart for the overview of purchasing & filing the insurance.

Insurance Flow Chart

Our after-sales team will check into your case and get back to you ASAP. You can also check the detailed steps below when you buy & file the insurance.

How to Purchase the Breakage Insurance

Please follow the below steps to purchase the breakage insurance for your mirrors.

Step 1. Please register your products and/or membership on EASEHOLD website.

The registration is for Amazon customers only. If you buy the products from our official online store, you can purchase the insurance directly without registering your products.

Please register your products here>>

Step 2. Please purchase the insurance within 30 days from the date when you placed the orders on our EASEHOLD official platforms. Beyond 30 days, you CANNOT purchase the insurance.

Purchase the insurance here>>

Important note: Please use the same email address for registering your products and purchasing the insurance. And the coupon code cannot be used to buy the insurance.

How to File the Breakage Insurance Claim

If your makeup mirrors, which are covered by our EASEHOLD Breakage Insurance, are broken, you can file an insurance claim via the below steps.

Step 1. Please take photos or videos of the broken mirror(s).

Step 2. Provide your order information (such as order ID, invoices, shipping address, etc.) and your insurance files or document to EASEHOLD after-sales support team via email support@easehold.com.

Upon we receive your case, we will look into the case at once to ensure the case is within our insurance coverage. We will arrange a free replacement for your address with free shipping. And we will provide you with the tracking number upon the replacement has been shipped out.