The Best Choice for Home and Travel 2 in 1 Steamer

Easehold Steam Iron Garment Steamer Clothes Steamer Handheld 2 in 1 Dry and Steamer Flat and Hang Ironing Portable for Travel De-wrinkle Fabric
Ironing is a common household task done by men and women around the globe. The idea of using heat to de-wrinkle clothes has been around for decades. With the advance in technology, there are various iron boxes on the market to choose from, and one might be stranded which to purchase.

Ironing clothes enhance your appearance. Turning up for an interview with a wrinkled suit will surely lower your chance of grabbing that opportunity. Do you have a huge pile of clothes that need to be ironed? Ironing is pretty tiring and can be boring if you got the bad quality of the iron box.

Easehold Steam Iron will assist you in doing the job faster than you can imagine and your clothes will easily get polished ironing. If you value your time and money, you got no excuse to grab this iron box.

For safe and gorgeous results, they advise that one uses distilled water and installs the water tank perfectly. Additionally, one should often move the air inlet to prevent any blockage.


The Features

Have you ever been confused about the features of the perfect steam iron? Many people find it challenging to choose the steam iron that is best for their needs. The following are features of Easehold Steam Iron:

☆ Perfect for home use and trips

This steam iron can be used at home and can as well be carried when traveling. It can be stressing to think of a journey with wrinkled clothes and you are not certain whether you will come across an iron box. We got you. Easehold Steam Iron can be packed alongside your garments when traveling.

☆ Doesn’t burn clothes

With this iron, you don’t have to get worried about burning your expensive and treasured clothes. It has a handheld steamer that keeps the heat constant no matter how long the steam iron has been on.However, if the temperatures exceed 150 degrees and the tank has no water, it automatically shuts off.

☆ Black Steam Button

The black steam button is specifically positioned under the handle where your thumb can easily reach. Once you press the button, a shot of steam is produced to help in removing the stubborn wrinkles on your clothes. It controls the steam and dry ironing of clothes.

☆ Constant Temperature Soleplate

Easehold Steam Iron has a soleplate that does not snag or stick to your fabrics when ironing. You can leave the iron on your garment for a long time without getting burnt.

☆ 2 in 1 feature

Easehold Steam Iron can be used for flat and hang clothes, as well as for drying and steam ironing clothes. One can iron clothes without having the steam button on. This ensures that you have removed all the wrinkles and your clothes are still dry since the steam iron produces a limited amount of moisture. In any way, clothes can be ironed while they are dry or wet.

Additionally, Steam iron can be used to straighten garments both vertically and horizontally. Sometimes you want to iron heavy and very long curtains, but you don’t know how to go about it. Folding and ironing? Very tiring and boring, and eventually not neat. Using this iron, you can iron the garments vertically without having any difficulties.
With this feature, you are assured of awesome results while saving your time. It offers a lot of flexibility and comfort during your cleaning days. It will assist you in saving the money that you use for unnecessary dry cleaning.


Product Specifications

☆ The Easehold Steam iron is 1150w.
☆ The water tank has a capacity of 130ml.
☆ It can operate between 8-11 minutes.
☆ The weight of the steam iron is 0.95kg.
☆ It has a size of 29.2*8.25*10.25cm.
☆ Once you purchase, the steam iron comes with one silicone pad, a brush, and the user manual.



☆ What is the maximum amount of the water tank?
The maximum amount of the water tank is 130ml.

☆ How heavy is the iron? Can we use it on a soft surface like a bed or it needs hard surface like the table top?
The soleplate of the steam iron is much lighter and easy to use. The steam iron weight is 2.86 pounds. Our steam iron has a horizontal and vertical steam feature. It heats very quickly.


It is obviously vital to be cautious when using any electric appliance. But, when it comes to Easehold Steam Iron, there are lesser precautious measures. Luckily, it is designed to automatically shut itself off. This helps in minimizing accidents.

However, note the following precautions:
☆ Keep the hot steam iron and the cord away from children and on the way.
☆ Never iron over the zippers or on any other metallic parts of your garment as they can scratch the soleplate.
☆ If you are ironing a dark colored clothing, iron on the wrong side to maintain its color.
☆ Fill the tank with only clean distilled water. Avoid scented water or water with fabric softener, it can decolor the fabric.
☆ Lastly, don’t iron directly on the buttons